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Censored Sight v0.3 is now out!

"Censored Sight" is a new erotic visual novel in development, built in RenPy with CGs from Koikatsu, it focuses on the censorship fetish. (I'm sure everyone already understand it from the title)

Among this core fetish, other fetishes and planned fetishes include:

  • Masochism
  • Humiliation
  • Small Penis Humiliation
  • Feet Focus
  • NTR
  • Interracial
  • Financial Domination
  • Crossdressing
  • (etc.)

If any of the fetishes are not to your liking, you can safely avoid/opt out of seeing most of them based on your choices.

The story revolves around you, and after perving on women, having your eyes replaced by the shady "CorrInc." to try and curb your sexual harassment. After discovering that your new eyes are more than just a fancy new bionic upgrade and actually alter your vision and ability to see girls's naughty bits (and maybe more), you set out on a quest to try and rid yourself from this predicament, all the while trying to hide this development from everyone else.

Along the way, you'll run into a myriad of characters set on making your life harder or having to submit to them to achieve your goal. (Some are just purely nice though <3) You may even grow closer and develop your relationship with some NPCs to the point of friendship or even lovers!

Censored Sight plans to have a monthly/bimonthly release schedule with new versions available on Patreon up to 2 weeks in advance from the public release.

Come join our Discord to discuss with the community, give suggestions for what you'd like to see in the game, vote on future content update focuses, report bugs, and etc. And check out our Patreon if you want to support the game.

Thank you for your time and consideration for reading this, have a nice day,  pray to the Goddess~


CensoredSight-0.4-pc.zip 366 MB
CensoredSight-0.4-mac.zip 332 MB

Development log


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I liked the desdription, and think the premise is fun, but I'm sorry... I realize that English is almost certainly not your first language, but please get a proofreader!
The sentence structures and chosen words, even spelling are so jarring, I had to stop and deleted the game after 10 minutes...

Yep, it's not my native language. I already have a proofreader, but he is not changed everything yet. Thanks for comment, hope you will enjoy this game in future~

Please let us know in a future update when it's done (the grammatical and syntactical corrections) and then I will *definitely* want to try this again!

Like I said, I like the premise, so it's definitely worth a second chance!

Awesome game. So, is there any shortcut to a teacher's writing, since it's not a full game yet?

Write "Praise Aqua"

awesome game! looking forward the future content

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Looking forward to Next Versions. Keep it up! [BTW Love the way you think]

Wdym? About way of thinking?

Just when i think the game dev won't add some f*cked up sh*t i like ,  you already added it with perfection !


Oh, ok, thanks •^•

where would you like bug reports

Welcome to my Discord, pal~


This was very interesting experience and I had plenty of fun with 0.3 version. Can't wait for more :)


The purple hat is curious to know what rendering program you're using, as it looks pretty good.


I'm using Koikatsu party for pics~

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The hat thanks you for your reply! Or it would if it could speak.

It cannot, so instead it... sits there and... does hat things.

It also somehow passes along a few pieces of advice, mainly about optimizing filesize. Setting the RenPy build to archive images saves on space. Also you can save a lot of your scene images in the .jpg format to further reduce filesize with no major loss to quality.

Because 1920x1080 PNG images are going to bloat your filesize to Godzilla proportions...


definitely keeping an eye on this game, the premis is realy hot. The scene with the nurse is awesome, I would like to see more of a follow up on it!


I'll keep my eye on this game

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Okay so, Upon reading "Splif's" comment, I decided to give this game a go and give you some advice that might actually help if you wish to continue going forward...

Firstly, something I'd try to get around to is re going through the text's that the characters speak again and slowly, Sadly there was quite a few times that I needed to figure out what they meant to say, I'll give a few examples.
"She is typing something while you wait her"
"She is typing up something while you wait for her to finish"
"____    _____ ? My name is Jane Strife, I hope we get it over quickly"
"____    _____ ? My name is Jane Strife, I hope we get this over quickly"
Final one I promise
"I think some girls think what I stalk them to their houses"
"I think some girls think that I stalk them to their houses"
However, I believe it might be better written like so:
"I think some girls have the misconception that I stalk them to their houses"

I think you get the point.

There are a few points that I'd like to go over but I don't know the text limit I'm afraid.
I don't mean to go on either, I used to ask friends for advice when I used to write stories in my spare time, So I hope I could be at least a little helpful :)


Thanks for the help with that! I will rewrite it, I just kinda suck in english~


Well, if I'm free, I'm more than happy to go over things. I'm not as good as most, and suck at grammar but I can definitely help if need be. :)

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Can you DM me on Discord, if possible?


Ignore that Splif guy below, keep doing your best okay :D


Thanks for kind words~


one of the most boring and useless game i ve tried on itch.....really u spend time for create this...???i recommend you to change job man...


Making games for itch is not a job, dummy~


but u ask money for this....how do u sleep at night??if u know what i mean...


Pretty bad, thanks for asking. But yeah, you can play my game without pay, but if someone likes my game and wants to sponsor me, I am open to suggestions. Thats how it work for me~


It's litterally free buddy...